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As one of the fastest growing recruitment companies, we’ve been paved hundreds of new careers and launched thousands of futures. AB Hires promises to deliver rewarding experiences and puts YOU at the centre of everything.

Healthcare Professionals

International Placements

If you're a healthcare professional who's keen to grow your career in the UK or Ireland, then we have the job you want! Our recruitment team understands your potential and can assist to source the best opportunities for you. Our team has your best interests at heart and will go the extra mile to help you. Our team of experts will advise you on:

  • How to present your CV
  • Assist with NMC application
  • Interview Preparation
  • Compliance & Visa Documentation
  • Travel, Sponsorship and Visa
  • Onboarding & Settling in new country

OSCE Training

Our clinical tutors are experienced clinical educators and healthcare professionals. You can benefit from:

  • Further free access to any available training sessions
  • Provision of learning materials i.e. workbook, care plans
  • Free access to learning resources I.e. videos
  • Coaching and professional training advice
  • Individualised feedback


We partner with qualified IELTS/OET tutors across world to assist you in clearing your English Proficiency Exams.

CBT Preparation

For CBT our clinical tutors have an overall success rate of 95%. We will provide you with materials and support.

IT Professionals

Our expert consultants specialise in connecting highly skilled talent with the best companies worldwide. We are specialists in the IT job market and are confident we can offer you the personalised career advice that you need. AB Hires with its focused vision, depth of industry knowledge, experience, extensive database of quality candidates and excellent selection methodology is one of the top IT Recruitment consultants. We have a proven track record of successfully recruiting for many reputed Indian and International firms. were we have recruited for:

  • Software Engineer / Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • Quality Analyst
  • Programmer
  • Team Lead
  • Node.JS
  • Technical Support and Many others...

Outsourcing Experts

We deliver practical and dependable solutions to enable our UK clientele to practise healthcare smarter and simply better – without breaking a sweat or missing a beat.

Focus on your core areas

Leaving the hiring work to us lets you focus on your core area of expertise and frees you up to do what matters the most to you.

No infra and tech investments

You don’t need to worry about dead investments and massive procurements. Instead, you enjoy the convenience of our facilities and innovation.

Access to skilled workforce

Have no doubts over the quality of the work we deliver. Outsourcing to us is tantamount to unlocking a wealth of specialised expertise.

Time optimisation

The difference in time zones and our always-on service ensure that you enjoy excellent time-optimisation. While you rest, we work to turn reports around in terrific time.