Medical Nurse, Child Health Nurse, Theatre Nurse ( Anaesthetic Exp)

NHS                 Hampshire, UK

Job Description & Details
Medical Nurse :- Assessing, observing, and speaking to patients. Recording details and symptoms of patient medical history and current health. Preparing patients for exams and treatment. Administering medications and treatments, then monitoring patients for side effects and reactions. Theatre Nurse : Preparing all the necessary complex instruments and equipment including microscopes, lasers and endoscopes. working with the surgeon to provide instruments, needles, swabs and other materials as required. responsibility for the surgical instruments, equipment and swabs. Child Health Nurse : A Pediatric Nurse will diagnose and treat medical conditions in adolescents and children, and they may administer minor procedures as required. They also provide education to family members by answering questions and providing follow-up information as needed. Documents required :- 1) IELTS/OET Passed 2) CBT Booked 3) CV 4) Passport Interviews soon. Connect with us on :- +91 9871013411.